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Wool Garden to celebrate the Year of the Sheep 【春意綿綿牧羊花園】Celebrate New Year of the Sheep with flamboyant colours. Apart from catwalk fashion show, wool artwork display, flock of sheep wearing wool costume with auspicious signs to wish us all prosperity and happiness. The Award The event was well received by the public as well as the professionals. Sun Hung Kai Properties was awarded the GOLD AWARD at 2015 Asia Pacific Shopping Center Awards presented by

Eclipse Collection Eclipse - the everlasting transformation from perfection to imperfection while emptiness is the most fullness. Change is the only predictable constant in nature, to be at peace with transient. This collection is evolved around circles, lines, checks and anything flow in between. — the continued evolution of the "Ink" collection. Location: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

My first fashion show was at the Hong Kong Fashion Week held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in January 2013. The collection of eight felt art wearables in black and white was called "Sumi (Ink)" 墨. Ink is what we use in Chinese calligraphy and paintings. The highlight of this collection is the eight felt berets. These berets were made up of the shape of the eight brush

In the summer of 2010, we ran a fun series of felting and natural dye workshops at the Kadoorie Farm. Kadoorie Farm promotes conservation of biodiversity and sustainable living in Hong Kong and beyond, with programmes on fauna and flora conservation, promotion of sustainable lifestyles, and awareness-raising in local schools and communities. Altogether we ran 7 workshops for 120 participants. Almost none of them had made felt or dyed with natural materials before.

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