Fashion week 2013
Fashion Week 2013

Fashion week 2013

My first fashion show was at the Hong Kong Fashion Week held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in January 2013. The collection of eight felt art wearables in black and white was called “Sumi (Ink)” 墨. Ink is what we use in Chinese calligraphy and paintings. The highlight of this collection is the eight felt berets. These berets were made up of the shape of the eight brush strokes that formed the Chinese character 永 (means perpetually in English). Character 永 is the first character I learnt at my Chinese calligraphy lesson. Learning this character made us know how to write the eight essential strokes of Chinese writing equivalent to the 26 alphabets in English language. The ironic meaning of character 永 signifies the “beginning” of my calligraphy lesson and my “endless end” of my fibre journey. Adding to this the deeper interpretation lies in the material I used for the garment which were predominately made of up-cycled and recycled fibre. I strongly believe only if we adapt a sustainability approach to everything we make and consume, the planet can survive “perpetually” which ties back to the character 永.

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