Debbie Leung

Fibre is an exquisite medium for self expression. Regardless its origin, whether from nature or from high tech innovation, it is there for us to improve our lives both functionally and aesthetically. It is the application aspect of this medium that appeals to me enormously.

On the one hand, I admire tradition and culture, which is the accumulation of human civilisation, and on the other, I feel able to indulge in what the latest technology offers. By incorporating both, creativity is unrestricted.

Fascinated by the exquisiteness, pliability, versatility and functionality of felt in New Zealand, I began my fibre journey by combining wool, silk and natural dye and turn them into contemporary work of art, wearable and fashion.

Over the years, I have continued to learn new skills and improvise. In recently years, I apply my hand-made fibre into making Cheongsam, the Chinese tradition that I inherit.



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