Debbie Leung
Fibre Artist

About Hand Dyeing

Most of my work is hand dyed. It is fascinating to have your own palette. For synthetic dye, I only use acid dye; this is a type of dye that only requires household vinegar to activate it. I am very conscious of the impact of dyeing on dyer, user and environment. I use my best endeavours to ensure the least negative impact.

I am also working with natural dyes. I gather and grow dyeing plants in my garden. Moreover, I buy traditional medical herbs from Chinese herbal shops. Natural dye has been around for thousands of years in China and it is a pity that we may lose this wisdom in this modern world where speed takes precedence.

Although some natural dyes are said to be less colourfast and light fast than synthetic dyes, I believe in the philosophy of integrating my work with mother nature and being ecologically accountable - this is a fundamental part of my pursuit.

Hand Dyed
Hand Dyed
Natural dye - rose leaves, onion skin, beetle nuts, alkanet