Debbie Leung
Fibre Artist

About Felting

Felt is a non woven woolen fabric. It is windproof, water repellant and fire proof. Felt is believed to be the oldest man made fabric. Besides its applications in the world of fashion and, not to be confused with roofing felt, it has many varied modern applications including - damping vibration, cabinet bumpers, stuffed toys, billiard tables, gaskets, insulation, nibs, even as an external cover for tents.

To turn loose wool fibre into felt, one only needs to agitate and compress the wool fibres. Using warm or hot soapy water, or diluted vinegar, accelerates the process.

A technique called nuno felting has been recently developed; this enables one or more fabrics to be incorporated with felt. Felted items made this way can be used in milder weather conditions and fit more comfortably with today's life style.

Felt Care
Felt piece
Felt - corriedale wool and hand spun yarn