About Me

My infatuation with handmade objects that convey to users the culture, skills and emotions of the artisan, has brought me to experiment with many different media. My wearable art evolved from extended experience in ceramics, glass and mosaic. These media reinforced my interest and expression with colours, lines, forms and texture.

When I was first introduced to felting, in New Zealand, I was fascinated by the exquisiteness, pliability, versatility and functionality of the material. Felt is believed to be the oldest man-made fabric. By using simple primitive tools, hands and water, creativity is virtually inexhaustible. Be it a traditional piece of clothing, contemporary work of art, 2D or 3D, subtle or expressive, felt has much to offer both to artists and end-users.

Having a bond with silk, an integral part of my life since I can remember, I often employ ‘nuno’ technique (the fusion and lamination of wool and silk) in my work. The wonderful marriage of the two materials provides felt a new and modern identity that suits all weather conditions and occasions.

Debbie Leung
One of my favourite pieces
Golden Foliage - nuno vest dyed with gardenia